Thursday, January 6, 2011


Recently Ive decided to start painting wildlife. I'd like to do a whole series of marine creatures. I started about a month ago with my second watercolor ever. I've had a love for pelicans ever since I had my first opportunity to swim in the ocean. I was in Southern California at a beach near Huntington Beach (but not Huntington Beach), I got out pretty far and i floated in amazement as pelicans dove down all around me. They would strike downward from the air, shoot straight into the ocean and come out with a fish. My fascination for them only grew once I moved to Florida and I see them on a regular basis. So I combined a photo I had taken with another photo I had taken of a lighthouse near Miami, and I set it to watercolor. As you can see, I need some work on my background washes, but I think the pelican turned out well.

My second wildlife painting adventure came after my wife bought me a Beluga Whale interaction at SeaWorld for Christmas. Such adorable and awesome creatures. I had to paint one. For this one, however, I used acrylics which im much more comfortable with. I think it turned out well. My camera doesnt quiet do it justice though. Next I think Ill tackle dolphins and penguins...maybe Ill alternate birds and sea mammals.

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